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Cupping Therapy

60 minutes ~ $120 | $160 Concierge rate

Cupping therapy applies an inverted pressure which pulls blood to the surface of the skin. It is helpful to clear blood stasis and interstitial lymphatic stagnation. Fevers, viral and bacterial infections are drawn into the superficial layers and eradicated more effectively. It stretches the connective tissue and loosens the muscles. It should not be painful but is sometimes intense if done strongly. There are often marks remaining on the skin for 2 - 7  days. The colour of the marks (which are not bruises) indicate the state of the tissue health and inform as to what other therapy could be beneficial.

I incorporate many therapeutic modalities in my treatments and many sessions may be combined.


Great combinations:

Craniosacral + Massage

Thai Medicine Fire Cupping + Massage

Thai Medicine Massage + Herbal Compress

Thai Medicine Massage + Fire Cupping

Massage + Reflexology

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