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Doula Services

Birthing Doula Package $900

Doula Services


Kristin offers Doula support packages with pre and postnatal visits as well as therapeutic treatments and belly casting.


Birthing Doula Package   $900  

- Personalized care with two home visits prior to the due date which assist with birth preferences and birthing team integration.

- Assistance planning a blessing-way ceremony with close friends and relatives.

- On-call support for the birth process with massage, coaching and guided meditation as needed.

- Assisting the father to embody a participatory role you both feel comfortable with.

- Aftercare for a few hours to be available for initial breast feeding skills training.

- Herbal sitz bath for inflammation and tearing.

- Postnatal visit within 1-2 weeks to follow up on the progress and support breastfeeding.

- Enhanced birth support treatments are available at an additional cost.


Therapeutic Treatments  $100 / hour

Choice of Prenatal Restorative Massage, Prenatal Thai Massage (side-lying facilitated stretching and Sen channel acupressure), Postnatal /Anti-inflammatory Herbal Compress Massage, Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy, Newborn Craniosacral Therapy and Reflexology.


Bronzed Belly Cast   $325  

In-home application of casting material to torso and décolletage (1-2 hours), artistic polishing and oxidized copper/bronze paint finish (studio time). Recommended  for application in the late 3rd trimester. 

I incorporate many therapeutic modalities in my treatments and many sessions may be combined.


Great combinations:

Craniosacral + Massage

Thai Medicine Fire Cupping + Massage

Thai Medicine Massage + Herbal Compress

Thai Medicine Massage + Fire Cupping

Massage + Reflexology

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