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In 2001 the Sea to Sky Corridor stole my heart and became my home.


As a massage practitioner I have been on the opening teams of many luxury spas in Whistler, BC and have continued to learn as many therapeutic modalities as possible to offer the best care for my clients.


Over the years, I found myself wanting to create more connection and impact within my local community - and this is how Inner Space Therapies came to be.


My home-based studio offers a warm-hearted experience in a cozy space where people come to improve their mobility, function and sustained health.


By offering one-to-one treatments as part of a treatment plan, the effects are exponential.

In a new adventure for 2023 I will be offering sessions from the Baja California Sur. 



I believe that every person is as unique as their bodies. As health practitioners we need a diverse skillset to offer a level of care that supports the root cause of trauma, be it illness or injury, and for one to be nurtured back to wellness. I incorporate a blended East-West approach that allows for maximum potential within my scope of practice.



My commitment to deepening healing wisdom led me to start Western Canada’s first Thai Massage School ‘Sacredasia School of Thai Therapies’. Health practitioners of any modality will benefit to expand their practice. Career longevity, greater treatment impact and renewed inspiration in your work are just of the few reasons to expand your skills in this Eastern approach under my tutelage.  

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