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I enjoy working with people who are ready to make progress through an investment in their wellbeing and also those wanting to boost their already vibrant health.


Together, we will assess your condition and create a treatment plan to begin your healing  journey to keep you active and enjoying life for years to come.


I incorporate many therapeutic modalities in my treatments and many sessions may be combined.


Examples of effective combinations:

Craniosacral + Massage

Cupping + Massage

Thai Massage + Herbal Compress

Thai Massage +  Cupping

Massage + Reflexology

I’m excited to open my repertoire to you as you take a guided journey through your inner space.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage

90 minutes ~ $180 | $240 Concierge rate

This session combines acupressure and stretching techniques for working through the layers of the body; superficial to deep. The session starts by warming the skin and muscles with kneading and  releasing pressure points, to channel work for freeing the nerves and blood restriction, as well as range of motion for joint mobility, stretching for better structural alignment and protocols for the vital organs. You can choose light, moderate or strong pressure. The effects can be sedative or energizing, depending which state of balance is needed.

Thai Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes ~ $120 | $160 Concierge rate

Deep tissue sessions target the muscles needed to directly alleviate discomfort. Muscles will be ironed out of any adhesions, scar tissue or fascial restrictions. This treatment is especially helpful for hyper-tonic tissues resulting from repetitive stress injuries, poor posture and incorrect body mechanics. Muscle flushing and light stretching may also be incorporated.

Thai Massage

60 minutes ~ $120 | $160 Concierge rate

This total body effleurage unwinds stress and tension with gentle movements that restore the body and mind. Additional focus is directed to the hands, feet and scalp. This treatment is a good choice for anyone who prefers or requires light to moderate pressure to unwind.

Thai Massage
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes ~ $120 | $160 Concierge rate

Using supportive contact, the fluid nature of all structures emerges to show the fluctuation of the central nervous system and any restrictions in the surrounding membranes, tissues and bones. While listening to your system, it is possible to unwind and restore the health and function of all strain patterns. This treatment is very helpful for traumatic injuries, surgeries, PTSD, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders and many more conditions also respond well to this work. Craniosacral Therapy is an excellent choice for the changing body of a pregnant woman and newborn babies.

Thai Massage
Cupping Therapy

60 minutes ~ $120 | $160 Concierge rate

Cupping therapy applies an inverted pressure which pulls blood to the surface of the skin. It is helpful to clear blood stasis and interstitial lymphatic stagnation. Fevers, viral and bacterial infections are drawn into the superficial layers and eradicated more effectively. It stretches the connective tissue and loosens the muscles. It should not be painful but is sometimes intense if done strongly. There are often marks remaining on the skin for 2 - 7  days. The colour of the marks (which are not bruises) indicate the state of the tissue health and inform as to what other therapy could be beneficial.

Thai Massage

60 minutes ~ $120 | $160 Concierge rate

There is a map of the body on the feet and when specific areas are stimulated there is an effect on the corresponding part of the body.  The feet contain more muscles than the totalm sum of the whole body and intricate techniques for relaxing the feet have results that can be felt all over. Combining this treatment with any sort of detoxification is highly recommended.

Thai Massage
Artisan Markets

10 min - $15 | 20 min - $30 | 30 min - $40

Chair massage, Reflexology and Fascial Cupping Therapy are available at the Baja Beans Market every Sunday from 8am to 2pm.


We highly recommend signing up as soon as you get to the market and then browse all the artisan stands while enjoying the live music.


Session intervals are available for 10 minutes at $15, 20 minutes at $30 or 30 minutes for only $40.

Thai Massage
In-Home Sessions

Dependent on session

If you would prefer a session in the comfort of your own home we offer ensuite services. Please add a $20-$30 travel charge on top of the studio session rate.

Please book in on Whatsapp at +1 604.905.9452 or email [email protected] to arrange your In-Home session.

Thai Massage
Doula Services

Birthing Doula Package $900

Doula Services


Kristin offers Doula support packages with pre and postnatal visits as well as therapeutic treatments and belly casting.


Birthing Doula Package   $900  

- Personalized care with two home visits prior to the due date which assist with birth preferences and birthing team integration.

- Assistance planning a blessing-way ceremony with close friends and relatives.

- On-call support for the birth process with massage, coaching and guided meditation as needed.

- Assisting the father to embody a participatory role you both feel comfortable with.

- Aftercare for a few hours to be available for initial breast feeding skills training.

- Herbal sitz bath for inflammation and tearing.

- Postnatal visit within 1-2 weeks to follow up on the progress and support breastfeeding.

- Enhanced birth support treatments are available at an additional cost.


Therapeutic Treatments  $100 / hour

Choice of Prenatal Restorative Massage, Prenatal Thai Massage (side-lying facilitated stretching and Sen channel acupressure), Postnatal /Anti-inflammatory Herbal Compress Massage, Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy, Newborn Craniosacral Therapy and Reflexology.


Bronzed Belly Cast   $325  

In-home application of casting material to torso and décolletage (1-2 hours), artistic polishing and oxidized copper/bronze paint finish (studio time). Recommended  for application in the late 3rd trimester. 

Take a guided journey through your inner space, as I assist navigating trauma strains and stress patterns present in the body to negotiate sustained health and mobility.  


When you align your body, you align your life.


Many clients are moved by their own healing process to help others or to start a new career path.


My commitment to deepening healing wisdom led me to start Western Canada’s first Thai Massage School ‘Sacredasia School of Thai Therapies’. Whether you are completely new to the field or a health practitioner of any modality, learning new therapies will benefit you in personal and professional development. Expand your practice for career longevity, greater treatment impact and renewed inspiration. These are just a few of the reasons to expand your training in this Eastern approach under my tutelage.  

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